pranayama yoga instructor

Vandana is from India and came to America in 2004. 

She use to do yoga and loved it before she got opportunity to become a certified Pranayama yoga instructor in 2009 from Patanjali Yogpeeth , one of the largest yoga institutes in India! 

Pranayama is made of two words, Prana and Ayama. ‘Prana’ refers to the universal life force and ‘ayama’ means to regulate or lengthen. When practiced correctly it can help bring harmony to the body, mind, and spirit making one physically, mentally, and spiritually strong. Pranayama can aid in pregnancy with improvement of blood circulation, increasing oxygen level in your blood, and helping your body remove waste effectively. Yoga is a stress reducer and great for coping during labor.

Vandana offers henna tattoos as well, which are great for a relaxing, temporary work of art!